About Us

Al Zaitoon Group is a group of companies provide high quality products and professional engineering services. Work in Iraq since 1997. Have offices in Baghdad and Basra and outside Iraq (Jordan, Europe and USA).

What we do?

  • Contracting and Construction.
  • Consultant Services.
  • Supplying Products and Engineering Equipments.

Our Vision

  • To be a leader in the provision of contracting, construction, engineering and supplying products and services.

Our Aim

  • Gain respect, trust, confidence and live up to the customer’s expectations as a professional company of high image and reputation through providing high quality up to international standards.

Quality Control

  • Quality matters at us. We take pride in every detail of every project we are involved in, and because we follow a careful programme of testing, inspection and quality control, clients know they can depend on the results we deliver.

Health, Safety & Environment

  • Construction sites can be inherently dangerous places. But the culture of safety means our sites and workplaces are among the safest places.
  • We aware of the HSE and site rules and regulations.
  • During the last years, we have no environmental, safety or health-related incidents; BAC has had no lost time injuries or fatalities.
  • Our corporate philosophy is our employees are expected to work in a safe, environmentally conscious manner at all times, Indicators are tracked to preempt safety problems, audits are performed of work products to assure both safety and quality, training is provided before and during jobs where required and routine liaison with the Client is mandated to take advantage of additional observations of work being performed. All deviations from written and verbal instructions and policies are taken very seriously, and corrected in the most appropriate manner.
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